Training Week in Review

Three runs again this week, with two occurring outside and one on the treadmill. Sadly I didn’t get to any cross-training this week.

Monday: 35 minutes of yoga.

Tuesday: an hour on the treadmill of a 2 kilometre warm-up, 4 X1.6 km intervals at my 10 km pace of ~5:00 minutes/km…mistakenly I ran the first interval at almost a ~4:40 minutes/kilometre pace which caused me to take a 30 second pause halfway through my third and fourth intervals. I walked for 90 seconds, 100 seconds, 110 seconds then 120 seconds between intervals…then finished with a 1.6 kilometre cool down.

Wednesday: one hour massage!

Thursday: ran outside in a snowstorm for a little over 8 kilometres at a ~6:43 minute/kilometre pace.

Saturday: 20 minutes of yoga.

Sunday: 16 km LSD run at a ~6:52 minute/kilometre pace. It was slushy, slippery and I was a bit tired but it was good to get the distance in as it was the furthest I’ve run since last October.

Next week, 16 km LSD next weekend, hills for one run and a combo pace workout, plus a couple of days of yoga as I found two yoga DVD’s for very cheap at Target 😉

I hope that you are feeling good and strong.

One foot in front of the other.