exercise week in review

Another week closer to my first race and to my goal race, this week I ran 3 times, twice outside and the other in the gym plus I cross-trained twice. Thankfully no injuries to speak of but I do have either a callous or blister under my forefoot on my right foot but it doesn’t bother me when I run so…shrug.

Monday.. Rode the stationary cycle for 19.1 km at level 5.

Tuesday.. Ran outside for just over 10 km.

Thursday.. I ran for 8.50 km, 2 km warm up then 2 X (3 km at ~5:10 min/km) followed by 5 minute cool down. I was scheduled to run 3 intervals but I was a bit tired so I didn’t run the third and risk injury.

Saturday.. Rowed for 5.5 km at the gym at level 8.

Sunday.. Ran 14.4 km outside, the last 4 km I ran a series of 60 second surges at around 5:00 min/km followed by 5 minutes of running until finished.

Once again a solid week, a hot epsom salt bath tonight and some stretching as once again another week of training starts.

Monthly totals so far: 160 km of running, 71 km of cycling and 10 km of rowing.

I hope that you had a solid week of training and/or racing and good luck this week.

Once foot in front of the other


exercise week in review

I’ve been reading the book by the people at Runner’s World called “Run less, run faster”. In it they preach 3 runs a week with 2 days of low impact cross training and strength training every once and while. It very much resembles the plan that I am following right now except that the long runs occur at a higher pace. I am not planning to modify my plan at this point save for the addition of a rowing cross training session on Friday’s after work.

On to the week!

It was a good week all-in-all,

I hopped on the stationary cycle on Monday for 17.7 km.

Tuesday I ran 8.4 km which consisted of a 2 km warm-up, then 8 X 400 m at ~5:00 min/km, then a 9th at 4:54 and the 10th at 4:50, followed by a 5 minute cool down, at 1% incline.

Wednesday I enjoyed an hour massage.

Thursday I ran 12.30 km which included a 2 km warm-up then 3 X 3(1.6 km at ~5:30 min/km, 1.6 km at ~5:00 min/km) then 1 minute cool down, at 1% incline.

Friday I rowed for 4.5 km for 25 minutes.

Sunday I ran ~17 km for my LSD, which included a jaunt up Forest Hill road and braving 50 km/h gusts….but oddly I felt really great because my phone conked out after 5 km and I ran the rest by feel, it’s liberating at times to run sans timing!

So a total of 17.7 km cycling, 4.5 km rowing and ~38 km for the week. The great news is that my legs were not tired at all this week.

I hope that you had a great week of training and that this week brings more of the same.



One foot in front of the other

exercise week in review

Good Sunday my friends, with another blizzard raging outside it’s time to wrap up another week of training and running.

This week I ran 4 times with a turn on the stationary cycle for ~43 km of running and 19 km on the stationary cycle.

Monday.. 19 km on the stationary cycle at level 5.

Tuesday.. 10.5 km total in my new Saucony Fastwitch 7 racing flats, right out of the box! 2 km warm up then 2 X 4 km at ~5:10 min/km which is my expected half marathon pace with 3:00 walk break in-between, 5 minute cool down.

Thursday.. 8 km total, 1 km warm up then 10 X 400 m at ~4:35 min/km with 2:00 jog intervals in between then 5 minute cool down.

Friday.. 5 km total as I was measuring out the course for our running club’s fun St. Patrick’s day run.

Saturday.. 20 km LSD which clocked in at 7:05 min/km.

This week I discovered that it’s not healthy for me to run two speed work sessions plus an extra easy 5 km and expect to have any life in my legs for my LSD. So from now one, one speed run per week and one tempo type run as well as my long run. Also next weekend I will add some intervals into the last quarter of my LSD’s so I want to have more fresh legs at that time.

A big congratulations to my girlfriend who ran her first 30 km LSD this weekend as she prepares for Vancouver! She looked strong and had a great attitude, she will do very well!

Until next week!

One foot in front of the other