Exercise Week in Review

I avoided it all winter, I hid, I hydrated, I ate, I had fun…but alas after the calendar changed to spring I caught my first cold.I was laid up for the first two days of last week, I didn’t even go to work! However on Wednesday I went to the gym, I ran Thursday and then again Sunday; in fact on Sunday I ran my furthest distance to date for this year.

I ‘m excited for this week because a) I’m mostly healthy and b) I’m racing this weekend! I’m running a 13 kilometer race in Lorneville, New Brunswick which should serve as a good measuring stick and a tune-up for Vancouver.

My Week

Monday.. sick

Tuesday.. see Monday

Wednesday.. Completed 15 km bike ride on stationary cycle

Thursday.. Ran 5 km

Sunday.. Ran 23 km

Weekly totals, 28 km run, 15 km stationary cycle

Thanks to the Easter holiday and travel I have already altered this week’s schedule, I will still fit my workouts in, now Wednesday will not be an off day.

I hope that you are weaving your way through your training, remember there will always be times when you really need to take a break, sickness or otherwise, normally it’s usually smarter to take advantage of these.

One foot in front of the other