Wheel of Shoes

So now that my marathon is out of the way, I have retired my two pairs of runners that got me through training and that race. They were the two last pairs of Saucony Mirage 5’s that I could find as unfortunately they are a discontinued model; I seem to be making a habit of this as this is my second set of runners that I had liked to be discontinued.

So now I search for a replacement, honestly a couple of models as I like to rotate my shoes. I might add that I have also retired my speed work shoes and will be looking to replace them as well since I was not overly fond of them.

I have worn a number of different brands of different drops and stability. Stability isn’t really a problem as I have run my fastest races in neutral shoes, however I generally only wear shoes with a drop of 4mm or less. I think, however that I will move up to 8mm as that expands my choices of shoes.

To begin I have moved back to a pair of Skechers Go Run Ride 5’s, I wore a pair of the 3’s for my marathon in Chicago so I had no trepidation of trying them again. They are neutral with a 4mm drop and are very stiff. Upon putting them on they feel cushioning but the stiffness replaces the springiness of energy return of the usual rubber. So far I am undecided after about 4-5 runs of a distance of up to 7km.


Skechers Go Run Ride 5

I am also looking at different brands that I have never tried before; among them New Balance, Nike and Mizuno. The biggest problem I see now is the price of these runners, they have become really outrageous! I managed to get my Skechers on Amazon for under $100 because they are a unpopular color. From my reckoning the median price point is around $150…that’s pretty steep for something that you will wear for a few months. On the other hand I am running and don’t want a bad or cheap pair and end up injuring myself.

So I will pick up a pair here and there and see what will fit my feet and not cause problems. I don’t start my next marathon training cycle until the new year so I will have time.

I would welcome any suggestions.

Previous runners worn: Vibram 5 fingers. Saucony Vrata, Brooks Cadence 2, Skechers Go Run Ride 3, Skechers Go Run Speed, Merrell road, Saucony Type a5 and a6, Saucony Mirage 5.

One foot in front of the other.


And then there were 5!


Here we are, the final week of the taper and 5 days until Nicola and I run the PEI marathon.

Generally our training has gone really well, we managed to run 36k twice and improved our time the second time out due to less walking breaks. We are following the 10:1 principal but of course have been taking extra breaks when we felt like taking them.

We have also included generally 2 large hills during every long run to simulate the finish burn at PEI, the last 5km have 3 hills with the last being significant; however I’m confident that we will have little trouble with them. The course itself is relatively flat with some rolling hills and a general incline during the second half but I believe that we will be able to get into a groove early.

The weather is looking ok at this point, the chance of rain is minimal but it may be somewhat windy, however the direction would see us with a tailwind for more than half of the time so I think we will be fine, we will judge the strength and direction the day of to set a pace.

Instead of a goal finishing time we are shooting for a finishing range, this way there is less pressure and we can enjoy the race more.

Each of us has a massage scheduled for today and we have our carbing meals all set out for the week. I have a very light work schedule this week after working 3 nights last weekend so my main goal is to rest and stay loose.

Hopefully all of these things will lead to a steady, solid run, but honestly I am looking forward to running my first marathon with Nicola, we have run all of ur training runs together aside from just one so we will draw on each others strength and love throughout the day.

I look froward to posting a recap next week to let you know how were fared, talk to you soon!


Exercise week in review

I got a bit off track this week as the blues and other things kicked in for a few days but I got back into the groove at the end of the week. Sadly I missed my two speed workouts so I’m hoping to sneak an extra one in this week.

Monday.. 17 km on the stationary cycle

Tuesday.. 8 km outside

Friday.. 2.8 km after work outside

Saturday.. 17 km LSD outside

And I picked up a new pair of kicks for my races this spring, the new Fastwitch 7 from Saucony, I hope to take them for a spin on Tuesday 🙂

Have a great week of training!

One foot in front of the other.


Exercise Week in Review

After a bit of experimentation I have settled on a bike ride for Monday’s cross-training. It will serve two purposes, to flush out my legs after the weekend’s long run and a bit of cardio. I intend to match the bike distance to my previous weekend’s running distance.

So without further ado….

Monday…16 km on the stationary bike.

Tuesday… 10 km total, 2 km warm-up, 5 km at ~5:10 min/km, 3 minute walk break then 3 X 2 minutes at ~4:42 min/km with a 90 second walk break in-between and one final two minute interval at ~4:24 min/km; finished with a 5 minute cool down.

Wednesday… 20 minutes of yoga.

Thursday… ~6 km total, 1 km warm-up, 15 minutes at 11 min/mile, 10 minutes at 10, then 5 minutes at 9 all at 4% incline; finished with a 5 minute cool down.

Friday… ~1 km of snowshoeing.

Sunday… 17 km run at ~6:45 min/km.

Good week overall, long runs going well, speed work on track.

Almost time for some new kicks.

Until next time,

One foot in front of another


Exercise Week in Review

Ugh….yes, I did exercise this week, however, occasionally life impedes your steps and you need to put it aside for a short time.

I ran once.



A complete rarity for me. I managed 7 km on the treadmill amongst the winter zaniness and personal commitments.

I did however manage to do two strength training sessions and two yoga sessions and if you combine that with around 1km of snowshoeing, it wasn’t truly devoid of activity.

I hope that I’ve reached my nadir though.

I’ve already matched my output for running from last week so spirits are high!

No clichés, no slogans except to make sure that you know who and what are important.

Have an active week!

One foot in front of the other.


Run was completed wearing the Skechers GoRun Ride 3.

The yoga sessions were from 2 dvd’s from Rodney Yee.

Weekly Exercise Roundup

A bit better of a week distance wise as I pushed a few more kilometers and ran twice outside. My pace outside wasn’t much to speak of but I also know that paces scale in the cold and snow so they probably weren’t as bad as I think.

Monday I went to the gym and performed some strength training on the legs for 45 minutes then hit the rowing machine for 3 km.

Wednesday I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill at a 4% incline for around 4.3 km, i was following a workout I read about in Runners World on how to change up the treadmill runs. I ran 15 minutes at about a 12 minute/mile pace, then 10 minutes at 10:55 or so then 5 minutes at 10. Although the paces were slow the steady “climbing” had me puffing. When I did my cool down I felt like I was falling forward…interesting run.

Thursday I ran outside for around 10 km at a pokey 7 minute/kilometer pace.

Friday I strength trained for 30 minutes.

Saturday I ran 9 kilometers outside at a 6:28 minute/kilometer pace.

Total of 23.3 kilometers, modest but still climbing back.

The inside run was done in a pair of the original Brooks Pure Flow while the outside runs were done in the Skechers Gorun ride 3.

More inside runs this week than outside are planned with strength/core workouts anticipated.

I hope that you all have a fit week!

One foot in front of the other.