Exercise Week in Review

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Yes I know I’m a day behind on my weekly resume and yes I promised a race review but I’ve been deeply immersed in The Teapot Dome scandal recently; no that’s not true, I’ve been studying my French because I have a big exam next week. However as a break I will write up last week’s workout’s as a substitute.


Teapot Dome Scandal


I love French

My Week:

Monday: Cycled (indoors) for 14 km.

Tuesday: Ran 10 km tempo run.

Thursday: Ran 9.5 km with 5 X 1 km intervals embedded.

Sunday: Ran 4.6 km, easy, cut short due to running partners injury.

I’m more or less embracing the taper now but still firing a few intervals during one run to keep myself sharp. Down to 10-12 km this upcoming weekend then short runs ahead of my Vancouver Half on the 3rd of May. Right now I’m a bit tired from school and other things but will catch up on my rest soon and I will rock Vancouver.

Weekly totals: 14 km cycled, 24.1 km run.

Monthly totals: 49 km cycled, 89 km run.

Until next week, one foot in front of the other.



Exercise Week in Review

Finally a week with consistently warm temperatures which allowed for all of my runs to be outside, all in shorts or a kilt…yes a kilt. More on that later. Sunday (today) I ran my first race of the season which went really well and which I will review later.

This week saw more modifications of my running plans due to Easter Monday, overall business, supporting my girlfriend on her last long run and again my first race of the year.

Tuesday.. Ran 9 km outside in shorts for ~50 minutes!

Wednesday.. 20 km on the stationary cycle for 45 minutes.

Thursday.. Another 9 km run outside in shorts for ~54 minutes.

Saturday.. Ran 6 km outside as I met my girlfriend at her 30 km long run mark and helped her finish her last 6 km. I also wore a sport kilt that I ordered on-line. A very cool purchase which is made specifically for exercise.

Sunday.. Ran my first race of the season, 13 km in 1:08:55.

Running totals: 37 km, cycled 20 km.

If you’re interested in the kilt, here is a picture of me in the all-Ireland pattern.


And for more patterns, ordering and information check out their site: Sportkilt

This week, back to the regular cycle, I have two more longish runs to complete before I head off to Vancouver for my target half-marathon.

Have a great week of training!

One foot in front of the other.


Exercise Week in Review

I avoided it all winter, I hid, I hydrated, I ate, I had fun…but alas after the calendar changed to spring I caught my first cold.I was laid up for the first two days of last week, I didn’t even go to work! However on Wednesday I went to the gym, I ran Thursday and then again Sunday; in fact on Sunday I ran my furthest distance to date for this year.

I ‘m excited for this week because a) I’m mostly healthy and b) I’m racing this weekend! I’m running a 13 kilometer race in Lorneville, New Brunswick which should serve as a good measuring stick and a tune-up for Vancouver.

My Week

Monday.. sick

Tuesday.. see Monday

Wednesday.. Completed 15 km bike ride on stationary cycle

Thursday.. Ran 5 km

Sunday.. Ran 23 km

Weekly totals, 28 km run, 15 km stationary cycle

Thanks to the Easter holiday and travel I have already altered this week’s schedule, I will still fit my workouts in, now Wednesday will not be an off day.

I hope that you are weaving your way through your training, remember there will always be times when you really need to take a break, sickness or otherwise, normally it’s usually smarter to take advantage of these.

One foot in front of the other


exercise week in review

Good Sunday my friends, with another blizzard raging outside it’s time to wrap up another week of training and running.

This week I ran 4 times with a turn on the stationary cycle for ~43 km of running and 19 km on the stationary cycle.

Monday.. 19 km on the stationary cycle at level 5.

Tuesday.. 10.5 km total in my new Saucony Fastwitch 7 racing flats, right out of the box! 2 km warm up then 2 X 4 km at ~5:10 min/km which is my expected half marathon pace with 3:00 walk break in-between, 5 minute cool down.

Thursday.. 8 km total, 1 km warm up then 10 X 400 m at ~4:35 min/km with 2:00 jog intervals in between then 5 minute cool down.

Friday.. 5 km total as I was measuring out the course for our running club’s fun St. Patrick’s day run.

Saturday.. 20 km LSD which clocked in at 7:05 min/km.

This week I discovered that it’s not healthy for me to run two speed work sessions plus an extra easy 5 km and expect to have any life in my legs for my LSD. So from now one, one speed run per week and one tempo type run as well as my long run. Also next weekend I will add some intervals into the last quarter of my LSD’s so I want to have more fresh legs at that time.

A big congratulations to my girlfriend who ran her first 30 km LSD this weekend as she prepares for Vancouver! She looked strong and had a great attitude, she will do very well!

Until next week!

One foot in front of the other


Exercise week in review

The week was full of good intentions but other things took priority and I didn’t run much this week.

Monday…I ran 7 kilometers on the treadmill for 37:35 at around a 5:22 min/km pace at a 1% incline.

Wednesday…I cycled at the gym for 14.5 kilometers at around a simulated speed of 29.8 km/h at level 5.

Thursday…I ran 4 kilometers on the treadmill for 19:27 at around a 4:52 min/km pace at a 1% incline.

Friday…I used the elliptical for 15:21 for around 3.2 kilometers at around a 4:48 pace at level 3.

Saturday…I snowshoed for almost 2 kilometers for an hour.

So, lots of activity but not much running or much distance.

This will change this week as I have started my half marathon training; I intend to run three times a week and cross train/ strength train for two days then rest/yoga/stretch for the remaining two days. The long run will occur on the weekends with lots of speed work/play during the week.

My goal half marathon is the BMO half marathon in Vancouver the first weekend of May, my goal is 1 hour 50 minutes; Attainable as I ran 10 kilometers last October in 50:39.

So we are off, it’s nice to be back into a plan after a few months of maintaining.

Talk to you soon!

One foot in front of the other.