Running Plans for 2017

Seeing how it’s already the middle of January, I reckon it’s time to lay out my running plan for 2017; there will be new races, familiar races and a race to celebrate Canada.

Next month I will be running the hypothermic half in Saint John for the second time. When I mention that I will be running this race most people ask me if I’m nuts as this is a hilly course. The alternative would be to run in a boring industrial park in Moncton and that just seems like a waste.


May will see myself, my partner Nicola and a host of people gather in Fredericton for its race weekend. This time around I will be running the half marathon. This will be my second or third time running this distance in Fredericton…interesting side note, this was where I ran my first half marathon in 2011.


Later in May will be the big, destination, celebrate Canada, race for the year, the Ottawa marathon. This is one of the biggest races in Canada and with it being the 150th birthday year for Canada we expect the race to be extra special. I will be running it with my love Nicola and our good friends Rod and Joanna, the excitement will be hard to contain as the date draws near!



Yup, I have nothing planned for a number of months aside from training. I really want to focus on my distances at the half level and lower.

In Septemeber I will be running my first trail race in Fundy national park of 10 km. This is also a hilly course but I am looking forward to mixing up my race experiences and there won’t be any mosquitos in September!


In October Nicola and I will head to Nova Scotia to participate in the Valley harvest weekend, again over the half distance. It will be my second time at this distance and Nicola’s first crack. This year the race is celebrating it’s 25th year so we are again hopeful that the swag, which is usually quite good, will be even better! This race occurs over the Thanksgiving weekend which will give me a chance to visit my parents.


Tentatively, I may run the new 1 mile race in Saint John in August and perhaps run the beer run again, also in August. I would like to run the 10k race in Moncton in October after a good summer/fall of training to see if I can set a new PB. I set my current PB for 10k there and really love the second half of the course.

Who knows what small races I may wake up and drive to over the summer ,however I would really love to enjoy my weekends this summer with minimal racing intrusions, so they may be few and far in-between.

Right now the spectre of winter training continues to gnaw at my brain but as the weather improves, my excitement for this year will grow.

Where are you racing this year?


One Foot in Front of the Other

Running Year in Review

I approached 2015 with less goals in mind and an eye on having more fun running and to not have to race every race. I had run a marathon during the last three years and to be honest I was tired and not interested n going through the training once again. Thus I planned on obtaining a new PB in the half distance and then have more fun, i.e.. run more smaller races with friends regardless as to whether there was any prize or reward or bling aside from the experience.

I also decided that I would cut my distance down, I’ve been lucky that I’ve not yet sustained a serious injury while running but since I hit 45 this year I know that taking care of yourself is more important than ever. I have been interested in the training plan where you run 3 times a week and cross train 1-2 of the other days. One of those runs is speed work, one other tempo work then a long run. I followed this plan for the first half of the year while training for my events and I liked the results so I will continue to follow it. I will modify the long run somewhat to run it at a faster pace than suggested by the plan.


The big running event for me this year was helping and then watching my girlfriend Nicola run her first marathon in Vancouver. We chose Vancouver due to the exotic locale, the presence of her family and the likelihood of good weather for the run. Weather played a huge part of her training for the full and my training for the half as we experienced one of the worst winters in recent memory; lot of snow, lots of cold and ice, lots of wind. To add to the misery, Nicola developed a very, very sore shoulder and neck just before the holidays so most of her training cycle was through Β pain. Thankfully the pain subsided near the end and she powered through her long runs and happily she clobbered her marathon in Vancouver. She was smiling and happy when she crossed the line which made me very, very proud.


Winter Training Blows!!!

Just a wee bit proud

Proud First Time Marathoner!

Before running the half in Vancouver I ran a race in easy April in Lorneville, it’s a hilly course of 13km that gives you a nice indication of your fitness. I nailed it and PB’d by 4 minutes!


Lorneville Loop

I was happy going into Vancouver and was running with Stephanie who was also shooting for a PB but I wasn’t in a very good state of mind when we started the race however due to organizational issues, according to me, which threw me off, causing me to wall out at 14km…I finished in 2:05 and change but was 6 minutes off of my PB. Happily Stephanie ran a PB, so there was lots to be happy and proud about!


Vancouver Half


Steph, Nicola and I with John Stanton in Vancouver

After a week of relaxation I restarted my training again as we had decided to run Jonny Miles in late June in New Glasgow. This race had a very good reputation and we were eager to run it for the first time. Nicola and I were also running it with our great friends Rod and Joanna. I was a bit underwhelmed by the race to be honest, especially for a 40th edition. I did manage to run a PB here by about 2 minutes but I still had problems after 16km so I really, really, really need to work on my fuelling.


Me, Nicola, Joanna, Paul and Rod in New Glasgow

Through July and August I maintained a relatively good level of fitness as we ran a bunch of smaller races in New Brunswick, the highlight coming when I won the 10km race on Grand Manan Island in July! I wasn’t super speedy, with a wining time around 52 minutes, but I pulled it out when it counted. This was my first ever race win. I also missed one scheduled fun run because I drank too much fine ale the evening before πŸ™‚ but instead of lamenting the DNS, I have more fun laughing at my idiocy πŸ™‚


Joanna, Rod, Nicola and I in Grand Manan


First Place!

In September I returned to shift work which really hurt my running as finding time to run between shifts is very hard and the runs aren’t of the best quality. Also, for the second year in a row, I was on the organizing committee of the Fall Classic race in Fredericton. Our race had some issues this year but thankfully there weren’t too many complaints. I had already decided to not participate on the committee next year ahead of the problems so the two things aren’t related.

In October, over the Canadian Thanksgiving , Nicola and I traveled to Nova Scotia to run a 10k race, The Valley Harvest and to celebrate the holiday. It was a pretty good day to run and I again ran just around 52 minutes, a decent showing due to my lack of training.


Kate, Me and Nicola in Wolfville on Thanksgiving

Most recently our whole running crew ran the Santa Shuffle put on by the Salvation Army. The day was stunningly beautiful and the weather warm and we had a great time running and laughing, it was a great way to end our racing season.


Me, Rod, Joanna and Nicola at the Santa Shuffle

I enjoyed this year of running, it was mostly relaxed while I watched other people achieve personal bests and distances that they hadn’t thought possible. The last few months have been really, really devoid of runs as I figure out my schedule and other great life developments but I’m confident that I will rediscover my energy once again.

Other Races


Nicola and I at the Kilted Run


Nicola in front, me in back at Covered Bridge Run


Nicola and I at the Runway Run


Me, Nicola and Myles at Bluenose


This year I will once again train for a marathon in October, the PEI marathon in Charlottetown. Nicola and I are planning to run this one together with a goal time in mind. Also, we will be going to Maine to run a half marathon, which will be my first race in Maine. I also intend to run Lorneville once again and the runway run in Fredericton for the second time. I will try to make the beer run this year, limiting my consumption of ales and hope to run in Saint John as well. A number of smaller runs will most likely fall into some of these weekends and I plan on a few virtual runs during the winter.

I’m not setting a mileage goal once again with the hopes of not having to force myself to run on certain days. I received a new pair of racers for Christmas and I just bought a new pair of trainers so it appears that my mind is in the right place at least πŸ™‚

I wish you luck in 2016, run smart, have fun!


One Foot in Front of the Other


Exercise Week in Review

Finally a week with consistently warm temperatures which allowed for all of my runs to be outside, all in shorts or a kilt…yes a kilt. More on that later. Sunday (today) I ran my first race of the season which went really well and which I will review later.

This week saw more modifications of my running plans due to Easter Monday, overall business, supporting my girlfriend on her last long run and again my first race of the year.

Tuesday.. Ran 9 km outside in shorts for ~50 minutes!

Wednesday.. 20 km on the stationary cycle for 45 minutes.

Thursday.. Another 9 km run outside in shorts for ~54 minutes.

Saturday.. Ran 6 km outside as I met my girlfriend at her 30 km long run mark and helped her finish her last 6 km. I also wore a sport kilt that I ordered on-line. A very cool purchase which is made specifically for exercise.

Sunday.. Ran my first race of the season, 13 km in 1:08:55.

Running totals: 37 km, cycled 20 km.

If you’re interested in the kilt, here is a picture of me in the all-Ireland pattern.


And for more patterns, ordering and information check out their site: Sportkilt

This week, back to the regular cycle, I have two more longish runs to complete before I head off to Vancouver for my target half-marathon.

Have a great week of training!

One foot in front of the other.