Photo of the Week

It’s been a while since I have posted a photo of the week, I have been shooting, life just has been wonderfully, happily busy.

But without further ado, I present a shot I took a couple of weeks ago near sunset at one of my favourite places to shoot, Swan Creek New Brunswick. It always has the right combination of light, water and shadows.



Sunset at Swan Creek


I was very happy to catch both the oncoming pink and departing yellow colours at the horizons.

Post processing took place in Lightroom.



Photo of The Week

I took this photo last month while I was on vacation in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada. My girlfriend and I took a small schooner cruise where the captain had built up a rapport with a family of eagles living in the area. He would bring some fish or chicken with him and when the eagle appeared he would toss them into the water, which lead to some amazing photo opportunities.

I really like this photo because of the shadows on the Eagles face. Enjoy!


Thanks for looking!


Photograph of the week

A bit late but this weeks photograph depicts a lovely winter scene in a local outdoor recreation area in Fredericton, New Brunswick, called the University of New Brunswick wood lot. I managed to skip out early and after meeting up with my girlfriend we snowshoed through part of the area. The sun was high enough but not too high and the light it generated was amazing! I had a hard time choosing this photo amongst the others so I may need to use another for my favourite photo next week.


Forest for the trees

You can view the full-sized image by clicking on it.

The shadows and pockets of light intermixing with the snow created a beautiful day to shoot, it was one of those rare days.

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!

Keep shooting!


Photograph of the week

I had driven by this particular place a number of times during the last week and had wanted to snap a few pics, finally, on a surprise free afternoon I stopped.

The setting, the trees and the fact that the snow is almost covering the headstones and shooting it in black and white helps with the light but also fits the scene.

Snowed Under

You can click on the photo to see the original sized version.

As always thanks for stopping by, this and all of my photos can be found over at 500px.

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Photograph of the week

My favourite photo of this week was taken last evening while I enjoyed a bonfire after a 4 kilometre snowshoe hike through a local woodlot with my girlfriend and other friends as part of Valentine’s day.

The animal tracks and the radius of the light from the bonfire cast a bit of a spooky effect on the forest and the oranges and yellows of the fire added to the effect.

Bonfire Shadows

The woods aglow with bonfire light.

As usual the photo was taken with my Nikon D7100 and Nikkor 18-200mm lens.

You can also view this photo and all of my other photos here at 500px.

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Photograph of the Week

My favorite photo of this week happened a bit by chance. I was snowshoeing with my girlfriend just outside of Mactaquac provincial park when she stopped to look at something or take a picture, it was very quiet when all of a sudden there was this tapping sound!

A Woodpecker was only feet away hammering away at a tree. Now, I’ve never before stopped and watched a Woodpecker at work but it’s very fascinating, how do they not get a headache or a concussion! The head moves so fast that at normal camera speeds the head is a blur….and this is what I present to you today.

Redheaded Woodpecker

Redheaded Woodpecker

A really unique sight and I hope to catch more glimpses of these amazing birds in the future.

You can also find this photo at 500px.

Have a great week!

Keep shooting!


Photo of the Week

Sometimes the inspiration for a photo just happens, these are the photos that I like the best.

Today as I was sitting in my car, waiting for it to warm up, I looked at my passengers side mirror and saw a combination of snowbanks, blue sky and sparkles….so of course I ran back inside and grabbed my camera!

Spontaneous, ironic, playful.

Irony, sometimes is in your rearview mirror.

Irony, sometimes is in your rearview mirror.

The photo was taken with a Nikon D7100 camera and a Nikkor 18-200mm lens.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!