What Is Important to you?

Yesterday, I learned of the sudden and violent passing of the 21-year old daughter of a friend whom I have know since primary school. My friend and I aren’t as close now as we were then but this loss has touched me.

21 years old.

Remember where you were 21?

What were your daydreams, your realities?

I, like most of us I guess, struggle sometimes with figuring out what is truly important. When I labour over a decision…and yes I really labour over a decision, I sometimes fool myself into thinking that I know the utility of this decision in the future.

This is of course absurd because our “control” is so limited, we live in a world with Billions of people, we can reach out and connect and add ideas and themes but the question then arises, what is important to you amongst all of that?

I think the answer changes, it ebbs and flows like a river, and like a river your constrictions change, your depth changes and who/what nurtures you changes.

I am currently going through a “I need less” period of my life, after having rumbled through a “I need more” period. I must confess that I really like the “LESS”. Whether it’s simplicity in my wants/desires or a greater awareness I am not really sure.

With age comes wisdom supposedly so I count relationships with family and friends, integrity, physical and mental health, knowledge and a certain level of serenity among my most important list.

I’m certainly not telling you what’s important, that’s completely up to you to decide but I will leave you with this final thought; go after what’s important right now, immerse yourself in it…

You won’t be 21 forever.

Big hugs to all