And then there were 5!


Here we are, the final week of the taper and 5 days until Nicola and I run the PEI marathon.

Generally our training has gone really well, we managed to run 36k twice and improved our time the second time out due to less walking breaks. We are following the 10:1 principal but of course have been taking extra breaks when we felt like taking them.

We have also included generally 2 large hills during every long run to simulate the finish burn at PEI, the last 5km have 3 hills with the last being significant; however I’m confident that we will have little trouble with them. The course itself is relatively flat with some rolling hills and a general incline during the second half but I believe that we will be able to get into a groove early.

The weather is looking ok at this point, the chance of rain is minimal but it may be somewhat windy, however the direction would see us with a tailwind for more than half of the time so I think we will be fine, we will judge the strength and direction the day of to set a pace.

Instead of a goal finishing time we are shooting for a finishing range, this way there is less pressure and we can enjoy the race more.

Each of us has a massage scheduled for today and we have our carbing meals all set out for the week. I have a very light work schedule this week after working 3 nights last weekend so my main goal is to rest and stay loose.

Hopefully all of these things will lead to a steady, solid run, but honestly I am looking forward to running my first marathon with Nicola, we have run all of ur training runs together aside from just one so we will draw on each others strength and love throughout the day.

I look froward to posting a recap next week to let you know how were fared, talk to you soon!


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