Photo of The Week – Volunteers

I took my favourite photo of this week last Sunday while I was a volunteer/committee member for the Liv9 Fredericton Fall Classic.

Towards the end of the race the crowd at the finish and the volunteers received word that one runner/walker was still on the course at about 1.5km from the finish line and was struggling to finish. Within moments a large number of the volunteers headed to to run/walk the participant into the finish.

In the end 12 of our volunteers accompanied the participant to the finish to the cheers and delight of the crowd that was remaining. This act shows the power of volunteers and of good will. I was proud that it happened at a race that I helped to organize. Please enjoy.


Thank  you to every volunteer, everywhere.

One Foot in Front of the Other


Photo of The Week

I took this photo last month while I was on vacation in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada. My girlfriend and I took a small schooner cruise where the captain had built up a rapport with a family of eagles living in the area. He would bring some fish or chicken with him and when the eagle appeared he would toss them into the water, which lead to some amazing photo opportunities.

I really like this photo because of the shadows on the Eagles face. Enjoy!


Thanks for looking!