Race Report – Joe McGuire Road Race 5km


On August 1st, I made the hour drive to Woodstock, NB to participate in the Joe McGuire road race, so named after the legend in running who was from the area. It was a warm, sunny morning and I arrived about 40 minutes ahead of the start of the race. I picked up my bib at the fire station, which was a change from years past as the pick-up area was at the local rink but this made it easier to do everything quickly. Swag was minimal with a cotton t-shirt represented, however it is a soft, nice looking t-shirt and the race is local and doesn’t cost a lot to join, so I’m not being negative at all.

I warmed up a bit and met a few people from the Fredericton area then got down to business. I was going to race this race as opposed to running a more comfortable pace and taking in the sights. I like this course because it is fast and has a large downhill, I don’t fear downhills as one can really scoot along. There was a 5km and a 10km race and we both started at once, with about 150-200 people participating. I felt good at the beginning and hit the downhill at a good stride and ran my first kilometre in 4:14 min/km…maybe a bit too fast but this was a race to judge where I was. I ran through a mile in about 7 minutes with my second kilometre coming in at 4:38 min/km, however after that I became a bit winded but still managed to run the last 3 kilometres at ~5:00 min/km to finish with a time of 23:56, which was about 10 seconds above my PB.

However I was very happy with my the race overall and especially with the first 2km, it’s obvious that I need to pick up my fitness over distance but when is that not a goal for all of us!

Sadly I can’t find any photos for the race.

You can check out my garmin track here:

Joe McGuire 5km Track

Even though you don’t get a lot of swag of this race it’s a great local run and the 10km is part of the super series so it’s a great way to make some points if you participate, I recommend this race.

Next race: Fredericton Beer Run, August 3rd, 2015

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