Race Report – The Kilted Run


Last month I participated, for the first time, in a 5km kilted run as part of the New Brunswick Highland Games. It was more of a fun run because there weren’t any medals or prizes, just a technical shirt, fun and camaraderie….and oh yes free admission to the beer tent that night…but alas no free beer.

And of course as you may have guessed, everyone was encouraged to wear a kilt during the run. I had purchased a sport kilt from Sportkilt earlier this year so I was ready to participate.

It was fairly cool the Friday night that we ran but in comparison to the heat from last year it was a good thing. We mustered on the grounds of Government house in Fredericton and then were piped to the start line by a bagpiper which was a new experience for me and was quite fun.


After a quick speech and a few photos, around 50 of us were off for the 5k course. Nicola, my girlfriend and I started out quick then dialled it back to enjoy the run as we saw our friends go by. We ran almost the same exact course as the new Liv9 Fall Classic 5km course which is along the river and the green so it was a nice trial run of that route.


We finished up at around 28 minutes then milled around for a while taking photos and laughing then we headed for some dinner then a return to the beer tent 🙂


The event wasn’t flashy or big but with a lot of friends in attendance it was a really fun, local, quirky event that you remember for a long time. Hopefully next year for their fifth year it will grow again but it’s ok if it doesn’t 🙂


Next Race: Woodstock 5km, August 1st, 2015.

As always, thanks for reading

One Foot in Front of the Other


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