exercise week in review

Good Sunday my friends, with another blizzard raging outside it’s time to wrap up another week of training and running.

This week I ran 4 times with a turn on the stationary cycle for ~43 km of running and 19 km on the stationary cycle.

Monday.. 19 km on the stationary cycle at level 5.

Tuesday.. 10.5 km total in my new Saucony Fastwitch 7 racing flats, right out of the box! 2 km warm up then 2 X 4 km at ~5:10 min/km which is my expected half marathon pace with 3:00 walk break in-between, 5 minute cool down.

Thursday.. 8 km total, 1 km warm up then 10 X 400 m at ~4:35 min/km with 2:00 jog intervals in between then 5 minute cool down.

Friday.. 5 km total as I was measuring out the course for our running club’s fun St. Patrick’s day run.

Saturday.. 20 km LSD which clocked in at 7:05 min/km.

This week I discovered that it’s not healthy for me to run two speed work sessions plus an extra easy 5 km and expect to have any life in my legs for my LSD. So from now one, one speed run per week and one tempo type run as well as my long run. Also next weekend I will add some intervals into the last quarter of my LSD’s so I want to have more fresh legs at that time.

A big congratulations to my girlfriend who ran her first 30 km LSD this weekend as she prepares for Vancouver! She looked strong and had a great attitude, she will do very well!

Until next week!

One foot in front of the other


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