Exercise Week in Review

After a bit of experimentation I have settled on a bike ride for Monday’s cross-training. It will serve two purposes, to flush out my legs after the weekend’s long run and a bit of cardio. I intend to match the bike distance to my previous weekend’s running distance.

So without further ado….

Monday…16 km on the stationary bike.

Tuesday… 10 km total, 2 km warm-up, 5 km at ~5:10 min/km, 3 minute walk break then 3 X 2 minutes at ~4:42 min/km with a 90 second walk break in-between and one final two minute interval at ~4:24 min/km; finished with a 5 minute cool down.

Wednesday… 20 minutes of yoga.

Thursday… ~6 km total, 1 km warm-up, 15 minutes at 11 min/mile, 10 minutes at 10, then 5 minutes at 9 all at 4% incline; finished with a 5 minute cool down.

Friday… ~1 km of snowshoeing.

Sunday… 17 km run at ~6:45 min/km.

Good week overall, long runs going well, speed work on track.

Almost time for some new kicks.

Until next time,

One foot in front of another



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