A Typical Training Week for Running in Kenya!

Amazing workouts!

Robert Brouillette


Here is a typical training week schedule I’ve used for my high altitude training trip with my Kenyan friends, some international people, and of course the big groups of locals sometimes as big as 50-150 runners. This program is basically if you’re preparing for middle to long distance races either on the road or trail. I wrote this up off the top of my head and it all connects to my personal running but is still a good sign of what the basic Kenya trains like. Below you will find a summary of each day of training: 🙂

Monday = Two hill focused options are (1) 150-400 meter hill repeats for as many times as you feel (2) hilly route of 17.5-18.5K or 80-85 minutes.

Tuesday = Dirt track speed work of anything from 200 meters to the mile, 2K+ options is possible but not as common. You can…

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