R and R in Warrior Mode (recovery and running)

Nicola, she just keeps going!

No Time Like The Present

Since November of 2014 I have been dealing with  a lot of pain in my neck and left arm.  No, it is not a person – well……or the winter blahs. Through various tests, many meds and finally an MRI I apparently have a bulging disc at C6-C7 level with degenerative disc disease from C3 all the way to C7. So there’s that.  Not life threatening in the least – more of an annoying house guest that won’t leave. Through this whole thing I have kept up with my marathon training as best I can.  I have had to modify my body mechanics a bit as the arm has significant weakness in the tricep area.  This forces the arm to feel heavy – very much like dragging a log around.  I frequently run with my arm cradled against my chest or alternately hanging by my side for some traction.  Upper body…

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