exercise week in review

Finally a good week of running and cross training! The winter hasn’t really affected me too much as I became accustomed to the treadmill last year during the winter. Varied workouts and varied cross-training I hope will lead to improved results.

Monday: Cross training, 5 km on the rowing machine and 10 km on the stationary cycle.

Tuesday: Approximately 7.8 km run in total, 7 km at ~5:40 min/km then 4X20 strides with a peak pace of ~4:35 min/km for 10 seconds each segment. A cool down period of 90 seconds at ~ 6:00 min/km occurred between each segment.

Wednesday: Yoga for 20 minutes.

Thursday: Approximately 9 km total, 3 km warm-up, 5 km at projected half-marathon pace in Vancouver of 5:10 min/km, 1km cool down.

Saturday: ran twice, once for 5k at 6:19 min/km pace outside in the freezing, freezing cold with my girlfriend, then for another 8 km at 6:24 min/km outside once again in the afternoon. In the evening i snowshoed 4 km with my girlfriend and other friends.

Overall a much better week and much more indicative of how things should progress. Likely I’ll toss in another cross-training day when I feel motivated and hopefully add another day of yoga…hmm I should do some this evening..stay tuned!

Have a great week!

One foot in front of the other.


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