Winter running at popsicle pace

No Time Like The Present

Winter running in Canada.

It’s one of those phrases that either strikes the utmost fear in the warmest of runner’s hearts or it’s just another day at the running office.  For spring races it is a necessity. Those early season, pasty legged, clean, new shoes races.  The ones your mind drifted to on those first frozen training treks where you wondered what the heck you were stepping outside in tights and a toque for.

Winter running is not for the feint of heart but neither is it a herculean effort. My recommendation is to freeze with a group.  There are a couple of reasons for this. First and foremost: misery loves company.  You can huddle together and conserve body heat while you wait for your Garmins to find that blessed satellite. You can collectively complain how bloody cold it is and how you all question your sanity. Conversely when your…

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