Photograph of the Week

My favorite photo of this week happened a bit by chance. I was snowshoeing with my girlfriend just outside of Mactaquac provincial park when she stopped to look at something or take a picture, it was very quiet when all of a sudden there was this tapping sound!

A Woodpecker was only feet away hammering away at a tree. Now, I’ve never before stopped and watched a Woodpecker at work but it’s very fascinating, how do they not get a headache or a concussion! The head moves so fast that at normal camera speeds the head is a blur….and this is what I present to you today.

Redheaded Woodpecker

Redheaded Woodpecker

A really unique sight and I hope to catch more glimpses of these amazing birds in the future.

You can also find this photo at 500px.

Have a great week!

Keep shooting!


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